Why Coconut Water Should Be A Part Of Your Weight Loss Diet Plan

fresh fruits and coconuts in a weight loss planThere is more to a coconut than just that delicious, white “meat” that you find when you crack open the coconut shell. It turns out that coconut water is extremely healthy, beneficial, and should be part of your active lifestyle, especially since it can lead to very advantageous coconut water weight loss. Far from just a drink that is the current fad or one reserved only for the summer season when the temperatures are really high, coconut water is a replenishing fluid that ought to be drunk throughout the whole year. After all, it aids your body in keeping a healthy balance of both the minerals and the vitamins that it requires!

Popularity of Coconut Water As A Health And Diet Drink

Coconut water has been increasing in popularity in the United States in the last several years, but this is only because the United States is slow to catch on to what has already been going on for hundreds of years. All around the world, coconut water has been quite popular for a long time, and when you look at the list of health benefits associated with this drink, you will not be surprised in the slightest.

There are more ways to prepare coconut water for your healthy enjoyment than just drinking it straight. The following video will show you how to prepare delicious and healthy coconut water kefir, which may be used as a component of your weight loss plan.

The health benefits of coconut water are long and diverse, so it pays to be familiar with them for the sake of refreshing the memory:

  • Great for hydration
  • Chock full of both essential minerals and vitamins
  • Low in sugar, low in carbs and low in fat
  • Zero chemicals
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Moves the body’s PH levels into a more alkaline state
  • Replenishes and replaces electrolytes
  • Aids in the detoxification of the body
  • High potassium levels aid in lowering blood pressure
  • Promotes healthy cardio health and also function
  • Re-balances the digestive system of the body
  • Helps in the regulation of body temperature

Coconut Water As A Part Of Your Diet

happy couple riding bicyclesSince coconut water is so healthy for you—the above list is literally just a fraction of all of the benefits of coconut water!—it is no surprise that people are also interested in figuring out how to eat in order to maximize the health benefits from drinking coconut water. After all hydration and diet go hand in hand; you can’t just drink healthily with coconut water, and then at the same time neglect your diet by eating processed and bad foods! It just so happens that a coconut water diet includes a good helping of fresh and raw foods because the congruency between coconut water and fresh and raw foods is perfect.

Why does one eat fresh and raw foods in the first place? Obviously, one eats fresh and raw foods because of the health benefit. Think about this: When you cook your food, you are actually killing a lot of the nutrients found within the food! A nice analogy is this: If you look at a cooked seed, it naturally won’t grow, but a raw seed will still grow! Thus, eating fresh and raw foods preservers those nutrients and also provides you with all of the enzymes and natural energy that your body craves.

For instance, if you have an active lifestyle, you likely work out on a regular basis, or you participate in some form of physical activity on a regular basis (perhaps a sport as a hobby). A lot of people would then, after the exercise, eat a banana or some yogurt and drink some water in order to replenish lost electrolytes and also increase lost potassium levels. However, if you replace water with coconut water, you can actually boost your potassium intake greatly, and you will still continue to enjoy fresh food such as the banana after working out.

Rehydrate and Replenish With Coconut Water

After working out, you are going to want to replenish all of that energy that you spent in exercising hard. So you will load up on carbs, which can include fresh and raw fruits and vegetables, for instance. Now, water is what you probably reach for to replenish your lost electrolytes, which you lost through sweat, but if you use coconut water, you can maintain balance in your system. If you only drink water after exercise, you are actually going to end up diluting the balance of your electrolytes. Believe it or not, this may even be a risk to your overall health. Drinking coconut water to replenish your electrolytes—while you are taking in fresh and raw carbs like fruits and vegetables after working out—is actually better for you.

Coconut water weight loss is just one of the many benefits of drinking this all-natural wonder fluid. If you are eating a coconut water diet—which will be characterized by both fresh and raw foods—then you can even help yourself get all the benefits of coconut water even more. Coconut water has been used by various cultures around the Earth for hundreds and hundreds of years. Don’t you think that it is time that you enjoyed its benefits, too?