Coconut Water – Naturally Good Stuff

coconut waterThe phenomenon of coconut water is an amazing story. In this age of fat-conscious diets and healthy lifestyles, here is a naturally occurring food that is actually better tasting and better for you than the synthetically derived, manufactured products that try to imitate it. In fact, it is hard to find a more complete and balanced food than the coconut. This is now an accepted scientific reality recognized by the medical professions and widely used by athletes, those seeking to regain nutritional balance, and those wishing to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

This website will provide you with all the coconut water articles and resources you will need for nutritional information, where to buy the best coconut water products, recipes, and other stuff you will find interesting and inspirational for your healthy lifestyle and diet.

Coconut Water Is A Basic Food

Throughout history, coconuts have sustained populations around the world as a basic and indispensable food. Drinking coconut water is similar to drinking an electrolyte replacement beverage, such as Gatorade, but with more nutritional value and from a natural and organic source. The health benefits and various specific uses for coconut water as a remedy are outlined on other posts to this web site. Here, we’ll talk a little about what coconut water is and how coconuts figure in the world of nutrition and health.

So, what is coconut water, anyway? It seems everyone has seen pictures of healthy Pacific Islanders drinking from coconuts, and the image has translated into a kind of icon for easy living and good times. The signature drinks of tropical resorts are almost always based on coconut milk or water and served in coconut shell “glasses.” But it is not necessary to add any ingredients to pure coconut water to make it either tasty or nutritious. In fact, the plainer you can get it, the better.

How Coconut Water is Made in Nature

coconut water comes from young coconutsCoconuts go through stages in their development as the seeds (nuts) of the coconut tree (palm). At their earlier stages, up to about eight or nine months, the green nuts are developing a clear liquid inside and the meat of the coconut is soft and jelly-like. At this stage, the nutrients are more in the water portion than in the meaty part. Islanders have traditionally fed their babies the easily scooped soft meat of the young coconut and drunk the water. As the nut continues to grow to the 12 or 13 month age of a fully mature coconut, the meat hardens and absorbs much of the water and its nutrients.

The best coconut water, therefore, comes from younger coconuts, and the best coconut meat products come from mature ones. It is at the mature stage that the meat can be shredded, soaked, and pressed to produce coconut milk. This is the difference between the water of the coconut and the milk.

Simply the best of the available products for hydration and nutrition is pure coconut water and it is readily available in most health food stores and many conventional markets, as well. It is tasty and good for you. How good is it? Please read all the articles on this web site to learn more about the amazing story of health and vitality that can be achieved by drinking this natural food, full of the vitamins and minerals our bodies need.

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